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Web 2.0 is exploding…

July 3, 2008 by · No Comments · Technology March

…at least in other parts of the world!
I just returned from NECC and the excitement about nings (the new application I learned about), wikis, blogs, Moodles, Google docs, and a host of other world changing opportunities happening right now online was subdued by the fact that the vast majority of schools in America are blocking these sites to “protect” our students!
This protection will make them unqualified for jobs in the near future, as jobs go global and employers expect their workers to be literate in Internet applications.
Let teachers (and parents) teach Internet safety and good judgement, and open up our schools to be able to teach these VITAL SKILLS!


teaching video as a 3-ring circus

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As an experiment with my advanced filmmaking class, I had students break into three groups based on their strongest interest or need: writers, production team, editors. (Always before they would create project groups from the start, but there would be a lot of sitting around waiting for the time when your job was needed.) While the writers had three weeks to develop their scripts, the production team and editors were honing their respective crafts. The writers became directors and paired up with someone in production who wanted to become the producer. An editor joined the group during shooting to keep production notes and translate them into an edit log.

End of Semester Already?

January 29, 2007 by · No Comments · Personal Polka

CONGRATULATIONS to students in my Advanced Filmmaking class who won awards in the My Hero Film Festival! Our first awards in our first year!

The best news for me is that the presses are gone and the whole room is ours. My focus now will be on getting donations and fundraising and finding ways to update and maintain our technology. Let me know if you have any ideas along these lines.

in the beginning…

July 8, 2006 by · Comments Off · Personal Polka, Technology March

This is the first post of my first blog. I registered with Technorati which told me I was:

ASK ABOUT MY HERO: Presenting the My Hero project ( always makes me feel good. It’s such a wealth of positive energy wrapped in compelling stories, and for educators it’s a free motherlode for project based learning.


399px-Nicholas_negroponte.jpgNicholas Negroponte shared the progress on his One Laptop Per Child initiative, and his vision of educating the world’s children riveted the gigantic ballroom full of educators. The latest version of the $100 laptop he is chiefly responsible for creating drew crowds that marveled at the ingenuity of the rabbit ears that would create a mesh-net for Internet connectivity, and the self-generating power unit that would work in areas without electricity. While Negroponte acknowledged the controversy his project created with other computer manufacturers, since they want to keep prices at a profitable level instead of letting products get cheaper, educators showed their strong support, also specifically endorsing Negroponte’s use of Open Souce software that can help everyone save money. Negroponte travels the world every three months, taking on the major computer and software companies and striking deals with leaders of the world’s nations. His project is truly revolutionary on both a global economic and political level.

$100 laptop.2.jpgpoor children-mazakil.jpgpoor child-redredpei.jpgpoor children joaobmbu.jpg

ASK ABOUT OPEN SOURCE, which was everywhere—more ‘take back the streets’ rhetoric and action. I would join in if my school had IT support. For now, it’s back burner.
ASK ABOUT WEB 2.0 All the presentations got people giddy with change, spelling out the Internet tools required to join in.
The Department of Ed got positive press (!) for putting up an ideaboard called School 2.0 and asking educators to post stickie comments. They were thrilled at the response and promised to revise it quickly.

school 2.0.jpg

POSTING, RANKING, GRABBING, AND MASHING: OUR NEW VALUE SYSTEM? What’s mine is now just a drop in the vast ocean — thinking about protecting copyright or holding on to ownership has given way to pushing and shoving to have your work downloaded and consumed by the greatest number possible.
Everyone seems to be shouting as though the Internet is a big reality show, and they want to be recognized as the next hot contestant.

I can’t help wonder where the give-and-grab mentality is leading. Will it help save the ancient forest?

ancientforest.jpgtree-kelsana.jpgancient forest opal pool.jpgdetail evergreen.jpg